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Press Release Writing

A press release is a written statement to the media, created to announce important news such as new release announcements, awards received, product promotions, release of financial statements and any other new company developments worth highlighting. A press release is a fundamentally important PR tool, which is mandatory for companies that want to be in the limelight. Reporters working for various news corporations use a company's press release to produce stories and reports.

A press release starts with a clear and concise heading that briefly summarises the story in question. The body of a press release should be to the point and very clear. Reporters do not have the time to craft out information, and so they use press releases directly. That's why a press release must cover all the essential points without unnecessary fillers. While writing a press release, writers must be sure to void the body of all fluff. The first few lines of the press release should tell the whole story with the rest of the body elaborating on key supporting points.

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