Internet Marketing Is Not Just About SEO

3 Dec

People will always tell you about search engines and page ranks when you ask them about SEO. This is because the abbreviation SEO stands for search engine optimization. This can be compared to telling kids that being good entitles one to a reward and being bad entitles one to a punishment.  When learning about a concept without fully understanding and questioning the limitations and possibilities one may end up thinking that the concept stands for a single meaning which is absolute. There is a long list of other effective options that can help one to generate online traffic which are given by internet marketing training gurus such as the ones that are listed below.

Email Marketing. Traditionally emails were the means of customer's communication. Marketers have forgotten how powerful this tool was and still is because of the introduction of live chat and free online phone services. Communication happens during real-time apart from the chance to personalize your messages. You don't have to pay for high overhead costs because it is also easy to manage on your own. For websites that are promoting a small business or starting a new one online, it is a practical option.

Go with Multimedia. Videos and voice recording are now easy to include on your sites and posts unlike before. In explaining the useful things offered by your website that are related to the contents posted you can use a video of yourself instead of simple images. On specific places in your site that visitors visit the more, you could have webinars or interviews recordings.This will allow others to share your uploaded videos or podcasts to their own page and also offers you a better opportunity of conveying a complete message.

Social Networking Sites. More than 20 percent of all global traffic are driven by these sites. They are known for being reliable and safe. You are definitely missing out on internet marketing opportunities if you are thinking that social media was only designed to promote socialization. Online Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are becoming effective tools in the internet marketing race since their massive rise. Social media sites are now perceived as the future of online marketing because of their popularity and the rich pool of potential clients not to forget the mentioning of customer-specific advertising features.

 Old School Is Still The Best Way To Go. Most of us who can't afford to invest or just simply don't understand how things work are left with the most basic form of online content-texts because of the new marketing tools that are coming out. People should not underestimate written content in the form of articles and simple blog posts. A simple blog post is still capable of drawing thousands of unique views every month when they are backed up with really good quality and accurate research. It is important to keep visitors pinned with high quality articles and the use of all the other stuff to attract visitors. 

It is totally wrong to rely solely on search engines to drive traffic. It is definitely a better idea for you to try and experiment by using other forms of content to draw traffic into your site so as to promote pure high quality content if you can afford to spend money and time.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Penguin

3 Dec

The newest version of search engine algorithm Google Penguin was rolled out by Google in April this year. The goal of the update is to decrease websites and webpages that use black-hat SEO techniques ranking unlike the earlier updates. In order to enable more people to be able to find what they are looking for without going through hundreds and thousands of results Google introduced this updates.

How Does It Affect Web Businesses?

Google gives different page ranks to different websites. The frequency of appearing on the search results is determined by this page rank IF the search keyword used by the user is related. Website owners can "manipulate" the results by the correct use of various SEO techniques in order to earn a higher page rank and appear on the first page. Users of black hat techniques such as cloaking and keyword stuffing are going to be penalized by being given lower page ranking by the introduced update Google Penguin update. Lower page ranking is a disadvantageous position but to avoid being affected by this recently introduced update use of SEO techniques allowed by Google should be encouraged.

The Advantages of Google Penguin

For website owners that do not make use of black-hat SEO techniques, and instead, use legit SEO techniques that are allowed by Google, this update is advantageous. This ensures that these websites appear on top pages of search results and increase their page rank attracting more customers in the process.

Customers who depend entirely on the internet to look for websites which offer particular services or items they are looking for find this update to be advantageous. Avoiding spammy websites in the process, finding more reliable websites and allowing customers to find websites that are capable of providing them with services or items they are looking for is what the update offers.

The Disadvantages of Google Penguin

Small businesses are being placed effectively out of business by this recent update. To put up with larger, established businesses the small businesses rely on SEO techniques and this has placed them at a disadvantage with this updates. The introduction of Google Penguin updates penalizes them for using SEO techniques by giving them lower priority on search results. This makes them to lose profits and traffic.

Larger companies are prioritized over smaller ones by the update according to the small owners. Larger companies do not have to resort to SEO techniques to promote themselves. They use expensive, non SEO techniques which small businesses cannot access. To give small businesses a chance to fight against larger companies small business people believe that the update should be reviewed as it is truly unfair. To make Google reconsider this update, a petition has been stated.

Final Words for Google Penguin

The advantages and disadvantages presented by the update is in equal shares. However Google should still take into consideration the pleas of the many small companies and large ones who are dependent on the use of SEO techniques. An update that is not only beneficial for large companies but also small companies is what Google should consider putting on. This will ensure that there is fairness for both large companies and small companies hence competing on level ground

Top 5 Dos and Don'ts of SEO

3 Dec

Misleading information about SEO on the internet are in plenty and if one is not careful he or she may end up getting his or her site banned from the search engines that are major. You need to know that search engine optimization is an ambition that you should have for the website you are developing and not just a task. A huge hit has been meted on most of the websites traffic and SEO rank by Google's Panda and Penguin updates. Websites with duplicate content and low quality content have been ruled out by this updates as this was the main idea behind them.

To help you in avoiding some common mistakes we are going to discuss important dos and don'ts below.

Top 5 Don'ts of Search Engine Optimization

It is a process that can exhaust you with no positive results because search engine optimization is an expensive process that can consume your budget. You should avoid the following don'ts for SEO.

1. Avoid keyword stuffing: Bloggers who do not have information add as many keywords as possible on SEO blogs. Bloggers who lack information on keyword stuffing face this problem.  Repeating keywords on content or Meta tag should be avoided because it makes it irregular to humans and search engines.

2. Never Buy Links: A common mistake that gets penalized within few days, Google does not encourage sites that purchase links or similar activities. This is the case with other search engines.

3. Avoid Hidden Links and Text: There are SEO experts who are known for fetching high ranks using black-hat methods among the procedure being used being hiding text from human visitors so as to ensure good SERP results for the site.  Search engines will catch up with you if you use this method.  

4. Avoid Linking To Low Quality Websites: Before all the other factors, link building is the first when it comes to search engine optimization. High quality links which are in accordance to the website content and from high authority website are the most sought after by search engines.

5. Never Copy Content: Fresh content writing for your website is what you should ensure because the king of SEO is content. Content should be optimized with proper keyword density and content copying should be avoided at all cost.

Top 5 dos of Search Engine Optimization

For good ranking there are things that should be avoided and here are the good practices for SEO.

1. Proper Keyword Strategy: Keyword is the important thing that one should be aware of when looking for good results for your website. When building your keyword strategy the important points to consider include keyword placement, keyword density and keywords natural flow in your content.  

2. Spend Time On Keyword Research: Keywords that can boost the overall sales of your business is what you should know about.  Spend more time carrying out Keyword research. Proper keyword research tools such as Google Analytics is what one should consider. Use of the advanced search metrics which are offered by these tools will  make it  a lot easier to find the best keywords for your website.

3. Use Awesome Titles and Link To High Quality Content: The first thing that will attract your visitors and ensure that you excel is the title of your content. It is therefore important to ensure that you have excellent titles targeting keywords. When it comes to linking to high quality content never hesitate.

4. Site Architecture And Content: Use of content that cannot be read or understood by the search engine spider flash and java scripts should be avoided. Easy to navigate menu and proper architecture of your website is what you should consider doing.

5. Build Your Networks: You should consider adding social bookmarking sites and more fans to your business website. You should allow the sharing of content by your users on your social network like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The tips for better SEO results on your websites are here. Have faith that these tips will deliver good results for you in the end. Your efforts on SEO should be consistent.

SEO-Some Fundamentals for the Newbie

3 Dec

Getting your site to be ranked highly in the search engines is what is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Appearing on the first page and being on the top position or number one is what is referred to as being ranked highly. For maximum target traffic to your site you have to be in the best position. To earn more revenue you must be in a good position which is not an easy task for many to achieve.

Being a beginner, how can an individual put himself in a good position? To use SEO for greater visibility and higher page ranking, there are various techniques to use to achieve this goal. These techniques include:

Site Optimization-It is about how your site looks like. The visitors and search engines should find your site looking credible and useful. Factors like design and structure is what you should put into consideration. Ensure that your visitors can easily find the contents that they need. The keywords and phrases in your particular niche should be relevant to the site. Ensure that your site is dated, professional and clean. The layout of your site should be good and it should make sense.

Ensure your site is one that visitors will want to stay long in order to get the information that they need and possibly buy your products and services. Remember that sites that are user friendly and offer relevant products and services and the ones that get high rankings.  

Frequent Updates -Being a beginner, ensure that contents are updated regularly. In order for you to be consistent you need to keep schedule of updates on how often and on what time should you carryout an update. Fresh contents on a regular basis on websites are what search engines long for and you will be rewarded with high ranking for a long period if you maintain it.

Understand What the searcher is looking for-Returning pages to the uses on the exact thing that they are looking for is the main goal of the search engines. For example, if your site is on the gardening niche a when searcher visits your site he or she should not see you selling poppy seeds if you were selling sunflower.

Relevance to your niche is what you should always ensure as a newbie. You are going to have an uphill task if you don't maintain these when it comes to SEO. To observe this SEO rules is not as hard as you think. Just get the principles and guidelines on SEO and you will be home and dry.   


Tips For Internet Marketing Success on a Local Level

3 Dec

Businesses are migrating to the internet in order to reach out to many customers all over the world. As they are marketing their businesses online the local customer base are being left behind. The businesses have forgotten about the importance of marketing their goods and services locally. Business models should be structured in a way that it caters for both offline and online sales so that the local customer base is not left behind. You should not forget the local if your business model depends on the internet for purposes of driving customers to your brick and mortar store.

Search Goes Local

The number of people who are using the internet to look for services and services related businesses have been increasing over the years. Local business results are what customers are looking for when they are carrying out service business related search. Customers want to see business service results of companies that are near them For example if they are living in Nashville, TN and they need lawn care services, they will do a search for lawn care services Companies in Nashville, TN and not a lawn care service Companies in Los Angeles CA.

Local businesses that are intensive are being served up as search engine results because search engines understand this perfectly.  It is therefore a wise idea for a business when coming up with their online marketing strategy to include internet local marketing since search engines are serving up local business results.  Local internet marketing will ensure that the business does not only serve the current customer base but also the many other local potential customers.

Local Marketing Tips

If you need help in putting a face to the business you are carrying out for the people who are looking for the products and services in your area then Local internet marketing will offer you this help. To help your local internet marketing efforts pay off big with local customers here are the tips and strategies.

Use Local Keyword Search

Keyword search is important for all marketing campaigns including local internet marketing. To target your local marketing efforts towards keywords get to know how people carry out a search locally and the particular keywords that they use for the products and services offered by your business.

Article Writing and Submission

Content is important when it comes to the internet. You should consider writing and submitting online articles to article submission sites. To give more opportunity to your potential customers to find you when they are looking for what you are selling, you must write more about your business and your services and products.

Online Video Marketing

Moves for local search results by search engines and for video search results is the two biggest trends in marketing for the last few years. To feed search engines with what they long for it is a good idea to use video for local internet marketing. It involves coming up with locally targeted videos, uploading them to YouTube and optimizing them for local search results.

Whether online, offline or both you're most loyal and long-term customers are those that are in relative physical proximity to your business.  In order to attract customers in your area who are the likeliest to visit and buy from you on a regular period, you should consider channeling your efforts to local internet marketing.